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Commercial Window Film

Window Film Keeps Tenants Comfortable and Your Bills Low

Protect Tenants’ Views and Their Well Being

For more than two decades, Bayou Window Tinting in Bossier City has professionally installed LLumar commercial window film on businesses across the Shreveport region. The result? Hundreds of business owners and facility managers who are thrilled with their lower energy costs and thousands of tenants who now live and work in complete comfort.

With commercial window tinting, you can be sure the natural light and outside views everyone needs to be productive remain unchanged. But at the same time, you block the harmful UV rays, hot spots and glare that can affect their overall happiness and comfort. LLumar commercial window film is the ideal choice for any business or public facility, from apartment complexes and schools to retail shops and corporate offices.

Lower Your Energy Costs

Windows are a critical design component of any facility, but at the same time, they’re one of the greatest threats to a business’ energy efficiency. More than one-third of a building’s cooling load is from solar heat gain through windows, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. That’s a big dent in your energy bills, especially if your windows are old or damaged.

LLumar LEED-approved commercial window film reduces energy consumption, lowering your energy bills by up to 15% each year. Plus, thanks to its affordability and reliability, you’ll see a return on your investment in as few as three years. Plus, it’s an inexpensive alternative to window replacement, costing one-third the price but offering all the same benefits.

Reduce Glare, Improve Comfort and Increase Safety

LLumar commercial window tinting reduces glare by 87%, meaning your tenants can work problem-free on their computer or other devices. In addition, LLumar blocks 99% of UV rays and reduces hot and cold spots, so you can ensure consistent comfort for your occupants – an important selling point when retaining tenants or seeking new ones.

Our window film is also highly durable, protecting your building against break-ins, vandalism and storm damage. Incredibly difficult to break through, LLumar holds shattered glass in place, eliminating the risk of flying glass, which can be deadly to anyone inside.

Shades That Reflect Your Style

As a leading architectural window film manufacturer, LLumar offers window tinting in a variety of shades to match your design goals. You get a uniform appearance that complements your building’s unique aesthetics and never goes out of style. In addition, for interior projects, you can even choose from LLumar iLLusions decorative window film, available in 50 different styles, including frosts, opaques and colorful hues.

Whether you’re an architect, business owner, apartment manager, or interior designer, contact Bayou Window Tinting to help make your next new home construction or rehab project as energy-efficient as it can be! Call us today to learn more about LLumar commercial window tinting or to get your free window film quote.

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