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Safety Window Film

Protect Your Windows Against Dangers on the Outside

Homes, businesses and retail stores throughout the Shreveport region are safer thanks to the powerful combination of LLumar safety window film and Bayou Window Tinting in Bossier City. We can professionally install one of the most renowned security window films on the market to help protect both your building and its occupants. Affordable and reliable, LLumar films are perfect for new construction and retrofit projects alike.

The Tops in Defense

LLumar security window tinting is virtually invisible to the naked eye, but is manufactured with heavy-duty polyesters that are bonded by remarkably strong adhesives. This transparent barrier helps keep your window from shattering in the event of a storm, natural disaster, man-made crisis, or just everyday accidents. If the window is compromised, LLumar holds the glass in place to reduce the risk of dangerous flying shards as well as debris from entering your building and striking your tenants.

In addition, LLumar safety window film is a simple way to defend your facility against burglaries, thefts and break-ins. Because it is so difficult to penetrate, thieves quickly give up, knowing that every extra second is another second they can get caught. If vandals happen to strike your facility, LLumar window film serves as a sacrificial layer. Once the film is removed, any graffiti disappears along with it, keeping the window underneath looking as good as new.

LLumar is currently protecting facilities, artifacts and landmarks around the world against disasters, earthquakes and vandalism thanks to its trusted reputation and proven performance. Here in Shreveport, the integrity of LLumar security window film is unmatched as is Bayou Window Tinting’s dedication to superior customer service. To learn how to defend your facility or to get a free security film estimate, contact us today!